Friday, July 03, 2009

Lemon: What are you reading?

Laura: "Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them"

Lemon: I see there is a dog with a scooter on the cover ---I have a scooter too. Does he have challenges?

Laura: Yes Lem, all of the stories in Almost Perfect are about animals with disabilities and the people who love them. Each one brings so much joy and inspires the people around them---just like you do Lemon!

Lemon: Is it hard work to take care of a pets with challenges?

Laura: You bet, and they’re worth every second. People tell me what a lucky duck you are to have me to take care of you, but like the people in this book, I feel lucky to have you in my life. All of the stories in this book show the wonderful animal-human bond. These stories illustrate what you and I already know---that we can all be happy, no matter what are challenges may be.

Lemon: Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends.

Laura: Right.

Lemon: Is this a book a duck would enjoy?

Laura: Every duck (and person), young and old will be inspired by these stories.

Lemon: Will you read it to me?

Laura: Of course Lem! We’ll start with Tuesdays with Tux….

Lemon: quacks... J

PS... If you'd like to have a copy of "Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them" send Lemon YOUR almost perfect pet stories. We'll pull the entries out of a feathered hat. Please submit entries by August 31, 2009 to caseycoco @

Remember to take the spaces out of the e-mail address when you send your entry!

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